Schizophrenia Research Study

FutureSearch Trials conducts inpatient and outpatient research studies of investigational medications for people with schizophrenia. Those who qualify for our schizophrenia research studies must be at least 18 years of age and able to provide written, informed consent.

No one symptom positively identifies schizophrenia. If you or someone you know is living with schizophrenia, contact us today to learn more about one of our research studies for schizophrenia in Dallas, TX.

What is Schizophrenia?

All of the symptoms of schizophrenia can also be found in other brain disorders. For example, psychotic symptoms may be caused by the use of drugs, may be present in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, or may be characteristics of a manic episode in bipolar disorder. However, when a doctor sees the symptoms of schizophrenia and carefully assesses the history and the course of the illness over six months, he or she can almost always make a correct diagnosis.

Schizophrenia is also associated with changes in cognition. These changes affect the ability to remember and to plan for achieving goals. Also, attention and motivation are diminished. The cognitive problems of schizophrenia may be important factors in long-term outcome.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia

  • Psychotic symptoms
  • Changes in ability to remember
  • Changes in ability to plan for achieving goals
  • Reduced attention
  • Diminished motivation


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